This website is about some of the essential tools for planning, managing and evaluating humanitarian interventions, peacebuilding and development.

It’s not enough just to be busy – we have to work with people who want to make positive differences to their own lives and their communities, and we have to know what success looks like. If we can’t identify success then we are probably rewarding failure some of the time.

Many people are busy, from aid workers and people with young families to criminal gangs and people trafficking refugees. Being busy is nothing special. We can’t claim to be successful because we have a lot of activities or because we are active in a lot of places.

Results-based management is part of the solution, but the commonly used methods assume a repeatable cause and effect (if we repeat the same actions we will get the same result). In a complex or a chaotic situation cause and effect is not ‘linear’ (consistent), and repeating an action may have a different result each time. Situational awareness and an understanding of the relationships and social processes is essential. The Cynefin framework is one way to add systems thinking and provide tools and methods for complex and chaotic interventions. will have background information, tools, links to documents and other sites, and space for comments.

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